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History of Loosier’s

In 1938, Oscar Loosier, Sr opened up the first Loosier Furniture Store in Barnesville, Ga. After having this store for two years he decided to open another location in Thomaston, Ga in 1940. These stores were ran for 7 years until 1947, When Oscar Loosier, Jr ( Oscar, Sr’s son) moved to Albany, Ga. At this time the store in Barnesville, Ga was closed and move to Albany, Ga and the store in Thomaston was taken over by Everett Loosier. Everett and Oscar, Jr were brothers. From there Oscar Loosier, Jr ran the store in Albany for 15 years before deciding to open two more locations with his sons. He first opened the store in Tifton in 1962 and then the one in Macon in 1965. Eventually the store in Thomaston closed. Once Oscar’s sons got old enough to manage by themselves, he sent two to macon to manage that store and one ran the store in Albany. The one in Tifton was closed. Eventually his oldest son Mike Loosier went back to Albany to open a higher end store which was named OMEGA. At this time there were two stores in Albany and one in Macon. In 1990, Eddie Loosier moved to Gainesville and open a Store up there.

When Mike moved back to Albany, Grant Loosier then became the manager of the Macon location and eventually bought the Store from his father in 1984. This location was on Second St in macon as some of our customers well know. In 1993, Mr. Loosier decided to move his location from Downtown macon to Eisenhower Parkway. He has owned this location for many years now and although he was out of the business for a few years, He is back and with God’s grace is doing well. With all the ups and downs in life one thing that has stayed steady is Mr. Loosier’s faith in God and that He can get him and his family through anything. We have been back as Loosier Furniture Express since 2005.

Loosier’s Lowest Price Guarantee

At this time we do not do transactions on the internet or over the phone due to so much identify theft. We do guarantee the lowest price online or in stores. Call us today at (478) 784-3993 or fill out the form on this page for a quote.

Loosier Furniture Express

1673 Eisenhower Parkway
Macon, GA 31206

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